Climbing / Hiking

Capitol Reef National Park,UT


There are 5 national parks in Utah though we chose to go to Capitol Reef National Park. This park is not so popular compared to Zion, Brice Canyon or Arches but there are many beautiful places to fall in love with in this park.



- Hickman bridge, Rim overlook / Navajo Knobs Trail (9.5 miles / 15.2 km return trip).
On our first day, we chose the one of the most strenuous trails in the park “Navajo Knobs Trail”. You need endurance for a long 5-6 hour walk though the trail itself is wide with gradual up and down with only a few steep areas. The trail is marked with rock cairns though it is not easy to locate them sometimes. So we recommend you always be on the lookout for the next one and follow them closely. The best thing about this trail is you can see all of the different types of terrain culminating with a 360 degree panoramic view from the top of Navajo Knobs. We really enjoyed every single step of the way!


strange strata formation

Hickman Bridge

On the way to the summit

View from the Navajo Knobs

- Chimney Rock Trail (3.3 miles / 5.3 km return trip).
This is a loop trail and it begins with a sweeping view of Chimney Rock and steep switchbacks. Then the trail flattens out into the Waterpocket fold where you can see huge boulders everywhere. We found some bouldering spots and sent some problems.


Chimney Rock

Problem : It is not unusual (V1)

Problem : unknown

– Cassidy Arch Trail (Canyoneering)
Our friend Steve took us on a canyoneering trip. He is a professional adventure guide in Utah with over 30 years’ experience in the outdoors. We hiked up steep slopes for about one hour then reached the top of Cassidy Arch. From there we rappelled down 170 feet deep inside of the Arch, the longest rappel I have ever done! I got nervous the moment when I moved my body away from the cliff the first time but that was it! I had no fear after that and enjoyed descending 7 times in total all the way to the trail head. I have to say that this was unforgettable and one of the best adventure trips in my life.

ユタ州でアドベンチャーガイドをしている友人スティーブがキャニオニアリングに連れて行ってくれました。彼はこの土地でガイド歴30年以上の大ベテラン。登山口から約1時間かけてCassidy Archまでの急坂を登り、そこから7回の懸垂下降で下山。最初に挑んだArchの高低差は55m。こんなに長い懸垂下降は初めてで、これを1発で降りると言われて崖からカラダを離す瞬間はかなり緊張しましたが、実際下り出したら怖さも吹っ飛び楽しめました!スティーブのお陰で忘れられない思い出ができました!

A trail cairn

All set!

First descent 170 feet!

Also, we made a day trip to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and hiked through a slot canyon. The “Peek A Boo” trail begins with 15 feet of steep and slippery rocks with only sketchy foot holds. We were surprised that this is a popular destination but there is no ladder nor rope to support people to climb up. Anyway we somehow scrambled up and went into the canyon. It gets so narrow that you have to walk sideways like a crab!!

他には、日帰りでGrand Staircase-Escalante National Monumentにも足を伸ばし、スロットキャニオンという侵食された狭い谷底へ。この谷に入るために最初に5mぐらい岩を登らなければならないのですが、梯子やロープなどの補助設備などは全くなく、岩はほぼ垂直で岩質もツルツル。一人では登れず苦戦の末、引っ張りあげてもらいました。日本では危険な場所には何かしらの安全対策が施されていますが、友人曰くユタでは自然界のものは自然のままに。それがユタ流だよとのことです。そして途中から狭くなりすぎて最後は横歩きをしないと進めないほどに。途中で出会った大きな男性が「ここから先はお腹がつっかえて先に進めないよ。。。」と嘆いてました。


Slot canyons, the Peek-A-Boo

Slot canyons, the Peek-A-Boo

Visited Capitol Reef NP on: 2014/5/13-5/20

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