Pony Express RV Resort, Salt Lake City, Utah


After leaving Torrey, we headed to Salt Lake City. Highway 15 provides spectacular views of the Rocky mountains all the way to SLC . Our main purpose of visiting here is rock climbing! Wasatch range is known as a rock climbing mecca in Utah. We’ve found a spot called “Big cottonwood canyon” and climbed there a couple of times. I will write more about climbing later.

As for RV resort, it is clean, well organized and they have friendly staff. While staying here, we enjoyed cycling to SLC downtown (40 mins ride) and also visited Antelope Island State Park within the Great Salt Lake. Our only complaint is the wifi service had poor reception and does not support iOS (Apple devices), but we were told an upgrade was to take place the following week which would improve reception. To be assured of a strong wifi signal we had to go into the club house.


RV Parkは手入れが行き届いていて快適です。ここもキャビン($35~)があるので車で来ても宿泊可能です。ソルトレイクシティは街の造り自体がゆったりしていて、道路も広く、高い建物はダウンタウンのみだし、緑も豊富で、サイクリングロードもしっかり舗装されていれ何処に行っても本当に気持ちよいです。RV parkから自転車で40分ぐらいかけてダウンタウンにも行ってみました。あと、ここから車で30分ほどでソルトレイク(湖)の中にある唯一車で渡れるアンテロープ島にも行きました。ここでは野生のバイソンが見ることができて、私たちが行った時は100頭ぐらいの群れに遭遇しました。


Park Access: 7 miles from SLC downtown
Camp site capacity:  180 + cabins
Facility: toilet, shower, laundry($1.5 for washing, $1 for dryer-20 mins), picnic table, wifi (slow), pool
Park fee: $32 – $47 per night
Visited on: 2014/5/21-6/4

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