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Castle Rocks state park, Idaho


After spending about a month in Utah, we finally left there and headed to Idaho. Our next stop was Wyoming but since it was a long drive to get there we decided to stay somewhere in between and hopefully do some climbing. Luckily, we found a perfect spot, Castle Rocks state park in Idaho. On our way, we encountered a herd of cattle on a road on their way to work. What a happy coincidence! They were so so so cute!!


Castle Rocks State Park

We spent 3 nights in Castle Rocks State Park and did some climbing. Most of routes here are more than 2 pitches. We don’t have much experience doing multi-pitch so we practiced and we made it to the very top part of the rock!


Doing multi-pitch climbs on Castle Rock – south face

Doing multi-pitch climb on Castle Rock – south face

As for the RV park, there is a spectacular view from our camping spot. There are also camping sites for equestrians so guess what!? Our neighbors came with horses and we saw them from our window and heard their neighs!

宿泊先は州立公園内のSmoky mountain camp ground。最低限の設備(フルホックアップ有)しかないけれどサイトからの眺めは最高。ここはなんと馬と一緒に滞在できるキャンプ場で、もちろんお隣さんは馬連れ。施設のホストの女性がクライマーで、このエリアの人気スポットを教えてくれたり教科書を貸してくれたのがとってもありがたかった。

Smoky Mountain Campground

Park Access: 181 miles North of Salt Lake City, UT
Facility: toilet, shower, picnic table
Park fee: $22 per night
Visited on: 2014/6/12-6/15

3 thoughts on “Castle Rocks state park, Idaho

  1. Now that’s something you don’t see every day. Great picture! Got any road tips? We’ll be going to Idaho and Wyoming in a few weeks. How’s the uphill/downhill grade?

    • Wow that is great! Where will you be going? From Utah, I-15 and I-20 were smooth and RV friendly. When you go off highways you may encounter a traffic jam caused by cattle;) And West Yellowstone to Cody through South Dakota(we are here) I-16 and I-90 also smooth. One section through Ten sleep canyon to buffalo was steep. Otherwise fine! Enjoy RVing!!

      • Thank you for this valuable info! We appreciate it. We are heading to OR in a few days using the I-5. From there, up WA, then head down to ID then WY. Looking for the best RV friendly routes. We’re first timers.

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