Camping / Hiking

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

On a hot and sunny day, we went on a day hike to Badlands National Park. This park is located in Southwestern South Dakota, about one hour drive from Rapid city. And it protects about 240,000 acres of prairie with sharply eroded cliffs and spires.


Can you find some bighorn sheep?

We picked the Castle trail(10.8 miles around trip), the longest maintained hiking trail in the park.
今回選んだルートは、公園内で一番長い往復17.3kmのCastle Trail。

Hiking   Badlands National Park  U.S. National Park Service
Trail map:

At the trail head. register names, route and time etc…

The path weaves through a maze of cliffs, spires, pinnacles with magnific prairie. I felt like walking on the ocean bed all the time.

Following the trail and trying not to get lost!

Me doing a yoga pose, Virabhadrasana Ⅲ (Warrior Ⅲ)

Visited on: 2014/07/03


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