Another 3,700 miles from New York to California


Well, I was in Japan for 3 months (Mr.R was there for 2 months) and came back to New York at the end of November. We then resumed our cross country trip, This time from New York to California, to head south and then west on I-40 (runs parallel to Route 66). We left NY on 12/3 drove through 11 states and arrived CA on 12/16 with travel distance of 3,700 miles. We lost 6 days in North Carolina as our truck needed service. So practically we did this trip in 7 days!



Somewhere in Arizona

There are so many places we wanted to visit but our first priority was to spend our Christmas in California so we rushed home! We drove around 500 miles each day fueled by diesel and lots of caffeine, Ghirardelli chocolate and unique local food. And a big thanks to Walmart! We stayed 4 nights in their parking lots.


On I-40

Here is the summary of our trip.

Sprakers, NY

270 miles

Narvon, PA

420 miles

Dickens RV Park, Moncure, North Carolina

494 miles

Walmart parking, Nashville, Tennessee

550 miles

Walmart parking, Sallisaw, Oklahoma

420 miles

Walmart parking, Amarillo, Texas

513 miles

OK RV park, Holbrook, Arizona

575 miles

Walmart parking, Bakersfield, CA

255 miles

Pleasanton Fair ground, Plesanton, CA

120 miles

Bear Valley, CA   GOAL!!!!

NY to CA
Cross Country trip 2014

Travel distance: 8,300 miles (13,350 km)
Days Traveled: 99 days
States visited: 17 states

Anyway, we somehow accomplished our first cross country trip in the United State. And we are spending this winter in Bear Valley, California, a small ski village on the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We both enjoyed our trip and look forward to the next adventure!



2 thoughts on “Another 3,700 miles from New York to California

  1. Amazing. 明けましておめでとう!次の旅のブログを読むことたのしみにしてます

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