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Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park, 2017 – Part 1

When we visited Yellowstone National Park a couple of summers ago, a picture in the visitor center drew my attention. A snow covered bison sitting still on the snow staring at me(camera). This made a strong impression on me. Since then, We’ve wanted to see this scenery with our own eyes. This winter we finally decided to drive 1,000 miles through the snow, wind, ice and flood to go see them!

数年前の夏に訪れたイエローストーン国立公園で案内場に飾られていた1枚の写真が私の目を引いた。背中に雪が積もって全身雪まみれな、厳冬に耐える一頭のバイソン。そのカメラ目線がなんとも強烈で、 いつかこの景色をこの目でみたいと思っていた。夏ならば道路状況は問題ないから2日あればカリフォルニアからモンタナ/ワイオミング州まで1600kmを運転できるけれど、厳冬期、雪道でこの距離はどうなんだろうかと不安はあったけれど、あのバイソンを拝みに2017年の初遠征へ出発。


After driving two full days from California, we arrived our first destination, Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. In winter, the access to the park is limited due to heavy snow. The road to the park is plowed and you can drive into the park but only to the first(and the last) parking lot. From there, the choices are cross-country ski, snowshoe or walk. Exciting isn’t it? We did cross-country skiing to Jenny Lake(popular destination in summer) on a snowy day. The trail was groomed the previous day but due to the heavy snow, most part was covered with snow. That means, yes, we broke a trail for a couple of miles…


On the next day, we visited National Elk Refuge, where thousands of elks come and stay until spring. They get supplemttal food(pallets) to get through the cold winter. The park offers horse sleigh rides everyday and they will take you to only 30 feet away from elks.If you are into wildlife, this is definitely worth visiting!

翌日、公園のすぐ外にある、National Elk Refugeというティートン界隈に生息するエルクたちが越冬するための保護施設(雪で埋まっている牧草地帯)を訪れた。毎年何千頭ものエルクがここにやってきて、施設の人たちからの補助食(乾燥した牧草のタブレットみたいなもの)で冬を凌いでいるらしい。この施設では馬ソリのツアーをやっていて、エルクを10mぐらいの近距離で見られるところまで連れて行ってくれる。ツアー代や寄付で施設が運営されていて、エルクが生き延びるための補助食も賄われているらしい。

There are some free cross-country ski trails in Jackson hole area. They are groomed mostly once or twice a week and you can find the grooming schedule on local news papers. Though it is very cold outside, people live up here are pretty active. There are many people outside enjoy walking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on the trails. When we were on a trail skiing along Snake River, we spotted a female moose. A moose!! I was so so so excited and I told a lady walking near by about it but… she is a local person and told me that she walks everyday and sees them everyday. What a cool life! We were hoping to see some wildlife (big ones) while skiing so it was very nice that we had that opportunity!! Next article is here


Visited on 2/3 to 2/6/2017

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