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Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park, 2017 – Part 2

After leaving Jackson Hole, Wyoming(previous article is here) we headed to our next destination, West Yellowstone a gateway town to Yellowstone National Park. There is a world class cross-country ski center “Rendezvous Cross Country Ski Trails” right in town so we went there to check it out.


The ski center is only 5 minutes drive from our hotel and Mr.R suggested we should ski there.

Me: Seriously? Skiing on an open road?
Mr.R: Yeah, why not!?

As a Japanese woman, I’ve never done that before… Anyway, we decided to ski and managed to get there safely. We saw a bunch of snow-mobilers driving on the road too. I also heard that sometimes there are bisons wondering around the town. I guess any kind of “vehicle” is accepted here during winter.


I: え?一般道をスキーするの?
R: はい。できるよ。←知ってる人には分かると思うR氏得意の「はい」



The trail pass is only $8 and self check-in. “A world class cross-country ski center in California” charges us $35 a day… So this is a pretty good deal!! Though it was snowing all the time while we were skiing, the snow was powder and temperature was great(32F) so we didn’t get wet at all. It was a perfect day for us.


In Yellowstone National Park, the park access is limited during winter. No private vehicle is allowed. The only way to get in is to join the guided tour(snow coach or snow mobile) or walk in. There are 5- 6 companies offer tours but they were almost fully booked even on a weekday. We were lucky to find spots to get in though I recommend you to book in advance.


We wanted to ski in the park so we asked our guide to drop-off in the middle of the tour and pick-up the last destination. We enjoyed skiing for about 2.5 miles and yes, spotted some bisons covered with snow!!


We were lucky to see elks, a coyote, a mountain lion and herd of snow covered bisons. They were digging the snow to find something to eat underneath. Our guide told us that they can’t find much down there and they waste their energy so they should stay put wait for spiring to come. I thought that is also pretty hard for them. We witnessed bisons struggled with a deep snow section from the coach(the video is below) and it was shocking to me. Though I’ve wanted to see this scenery for a long time, I felt sad. Mother nature gives them a hard time for them.


visited on 2/6 to 2/10/2017

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